Profile of Alessandra L’Abate (English)

Alessandra Bianca L’Abate, 47, is a self-professed “textile activist”.  Born in Florence, Italy and trained as a weaver in the Florentine tradition, she has dedicated her life to raising public awareness of the role of textiles in our lives. Where do the fabrics we use and wear in our daily lives come from? How were they made and by whom? And at what personal cost to the shepherds who are responsible for our wool? To the farmers who grow our cotton? To the spinners? The dyers? The weavers?

 For Alessandra, the societies in which we live can be seen as textiles – “social textiles”. Our institutions – our governments, religious institutions, political associations, and NGO’s – are the warp threads, each one with its own objectives and strategies. The wefts are the individuals – you and me. It is individuals who weave the connections between one warp and another; between one institution and another. This metaphor of “society as textile” informs the work that Alessandra has undertaken in rural India since 1997.

 Alessandra is dedicated to strengthening the weft that includes both textile workers in rural India and consumers in Europe by bringing together and facilitating greater communication between India’s farmers, shepherds, spinners, dyers and weavers and Europe’s fashion designers.

In the 1920’s, Mahatma Gandhi recognized that India’s freedom struggle must include an effort to free India from its dependence on British-made cloth. Thus began the “Khadi Movement”. The Khadi spirit means to be aware of the meaning that wearing of khadi carries with it. Khadi is made in a small scale industry, in rural communities, khadi  is hand-spun yarn and handwoven cloth  (cotton, wool or silk). Khadi fabrics have become a symbol of self-sufficiency and strength in the poorest parts of India where unemployment and massive migration to cities threatens the viability of rural life.

In the tradition of Gandhi, Alessandra has immersed herself in the modern-day khadi movement, its spirit and path. She is not paid for her work but a network of friends support her daily needs. She says, “When we have the Khadi spirit in us, we surround ourselves with simplicity in every aspect of life. With khadi, we have unlimited faith in Truth and Nonviolence. I believe that, through Khadi, we can conquer every obstacle in our way”.

here i would like to sped a few words in making reader understanding the spirit of service who guide me in my daily path (not having an income)

The aim of Alessandra’s work in India is to encourage pride amongst the traditional artisans there, to encourage them in developing their skills so as to improve the marketability of their cloth. Back in Europe, where she spends six months of the year, Alessandra works to build consumer awareness and to create a market for eco-friendly cotton, wool, yarn, and ethical textiles.

Alessandra is a Malkha activist (would spend a few lines in explaining this concept) a Tsunamika ambassador (would sped a few lines in this too) and a lover of the Economy of Communion (would describe this too).

Alessandra can be reached at: (English messages) and at (Italian messages).

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